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Patanjali Cow Ghee is made with milk fat from cow's milk. Besides being a rich source of nutrition for your body, brain, and immune system, it aids in digestion and helps improve your memory power. This ghee also has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat swelling and burns. Regular consumption of this ghee in moderate doses also helps in healthy weight gain. Patanjali's ghee is sold in a 1L carton pack.

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A bit expensive than others Ramya approves this product
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Ghee is an integral part of the Indian kitchen .it has alot of health benefits too. But you need to take limited amount of ghee for adequate weight gain. And Patanjali being a brand which became famous since couple of years you get all the products under this brand. Price wise these products are affordable so i decided to purchase this ghee when i saw this at the counter. This is available easily online at discounted rates, in Patanjali stores and also normal supermarkets. However it is a bit expensive than the competitor brands .the packaging is also not so great it comes in a carton and it becomes really messy when you open it and try transferring it in another container. It would have been easier it was available in bottle format. The smell and the taste seems okay.but however this ghee is not pure as it has added preservatives to it

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