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2 years ago

Did not work for me


Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner is totally alcohol-free toner. the packaging is quite sturdy and sleek and it comes in a lavender-colored bottle that has a Soraya dispenser. It has a cap that shuts tightly so making it totally travel-worthy. It smells mild not too overpowering but the fragrance does not stay for a long time it disappears too soon. The consistency is watery. You can use this as a mist too gets absorbed quickly leaving the skin moisturized and makes you feel refreshed. I normally spray it on cotton and wipe the cotton on my face. It helps removes all dirt and grime also residual makeup from the face. It does not make the face dry or sticky after use nor leaves any kind of film over the skin. However for the quantity, we get it is a bit pricey, we can get effective products at much less price also it does not help with the pores

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