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1 year ago

Makes lips soft


I hate winters basically because my skin and lips tend to be dry mostly,so when my friend recommended MAC Lip Scrubtious i thought about giving this a try . I like the Packaging quite cute and small and it can easily fit in any bag without taking much space . It comes in 5 different variants.the lip feels like some kind of lip oil mixed with sugar you can literally feel it.well due to the sugar content it tastes a little bit sweet too.i usually take a little bit of the scrub and apply it on my lips. I massage it on my lips until the sugar particles in it completely dissolves and I wipe it off after that .it not only tastes good but smells good too. But you need to ensure that you massage geñtly on lips .it helps get rid of the dead skin on the lips.if you have extreme chapped lips you could try using this twice in a day. This lips turn out softer and smoother and it becomes easier to apply lipsticks too even the matte finish ones. Although it does a good job i feel it is a bit pricey for a lip scrub and the need to dip the fingers in the jar too is a bit unhygienic but can't help it right

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