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Avg Ratings : 4.2


2 years ago

Good one


Doesn't smudge

No yellowing

Dries easily (no marks on bedsheets)

Brush is smooth and of good quality

Glossiness and shine last for 3-4 days

OPI Top Coat was my first opi product .it is a top coat basically. I decided in a jiffy actually as i thought i needed a top coat as most of the times i always end up messing my nails before it dries. The packaging is quite simple just like a nail paint packaging. It comes in a bottle with a black cap. the applicator brush is wide enough and helps in applying just in one swipe. of all, firstly i totally love the way the brush is, it is wide shaped and too smooth . It goes on in a single swipe or i apply two maximum.i try to apply a thinner coat so that it dries up quickly . This way you also don't end up streaking . It helps makes the nails a bit shinier and glossier and that glossiness stays for atleast 3 to 4 days .the best part that there's no yellowing or streaks. The top coat helps to actually make my nail paint stay a bit longer without any chipping . The nail paint stays like that for atleast 6 to 7 days . When it comes to the price it is a bit expensive but overall a good product

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