Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Pack Reviews

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1 year ago

Affordable and must try




Hygienic packaging

Contains herbal ingredients

Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Pack comes in the usual himalaya packaging that is white tube and a green flip cap. The cap stays secure and there is no spillage or leakage which makes it a totally travel Friendly product. It is enriched with ingredients like apple, fig, cucumber, papaya & mineral clay.It is beige in color and has a creamy soft consistency. It has a mild fruity fragrance to it which does not linger much and ia not overpowering too. I apply this face pack on damp face and keep it for about 15 minutes or till it dries off completely. After drying i rinse it off with cold water or at times just use a damp cloth to remove it. It gives a soothing and calming feel to the skin when applied on the face. It makes the face softer ,cleaner and smoother . Also it gives a slight glow to the face but it is more of a temporary effect i feel. It makes the skin feel refreshed. The fruit pack is easily available be it normal stores or online .also when you think about the price it is pretty much affordable too. But it does make my skin feel a bit dry and stretchy so i need to moisturize my skin after I use this .

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