The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter Reviews

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1 year ago

Love the smell


Soft skin

Strawberry scent

Hydrates skin well

Fragrance lasts long

The body shop Strawberry range includes quite few products including lip balm, body lotion ,shower gel ,body polish and few others . I got This Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter couple of months back from the store . It is a bit pricey though .it is a body butter so it will come in a tub packaging with a screw cap. It comes in a tub packaging but i still find it a bit unhygienic when i have to literally have to dip my fingers in it. The texture feels just like butter and it glides easily on the sinks right after and get absorbed after a bit . I love the way it makes my skin soft supple and smooth .it smells divine ,it has this smell of strawberries to it which lasts a bit longer than usual. It works best during winters when the skin is dry and itchy . Although you can also use it during summers too. The fragrance like I mentioned is something which makes me feel more refreshed . I do apply the body butter as a part of my night time routine and also after bathing.when i wake up my skin still feels soft smooth and supple

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