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1 year ago

Loved it


Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Eau De Parfum was gifted to me by my cousin on my birthday. When i first opened the cardboard box it got me instantly glued on and attracted to this product.the packaging itself looks quite interesting and like an old vintage bottle .i was dimply bowled over. The perfume too has this floral scents to it but not that overtly.the fragrance is not that overpowering and if smells really beautiful and divine.tiu can carry it along while travelling too if you wish too. I apply it either ways sometimes after bathing when my skin is a bit damp i apply it on the pulse points and rub it slightly that's all. Otherwise i just spritz over my clothes , the fragrance on my clothes last for two days and it does still smell there after but slightly that powdered fragrance.i have received quite alot of compliments when i used this perfume. It can be worn as an everyday makeup schedule or even during special occasions or night outs either ways it smells beautiful and divine. Although a bit expensive i was literally finding it a bit difficult to purchase it again due to availability issues as my friend was trying to look for it and lurcgadr6

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