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Vega Eyelash Curler is a sturdy and fine curler with a half-rounded curling pad that gives an intense curl to the lashes. Curling the lashes makes the eyes look wider and defined. It is made of steel with scissors-like handles and gives a good grip. It opens and closes smoothly. The soft rubber pads are not harsh on the lashes.

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Sturdy and stiffer curls Ramya approves this product
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Sturdy curler

Gives instant curls

Easy to use

Curls stays on for long


Easily accessible

Easy to carry

Comes with a rubber padding

I rarely use an eyelash curler and it is only when i have to go out for functions or anything important. I had earlier purchased an eyelash curler from some other brand and found it okay and it lasted for couple of months.this is my second purchase of an eyelash curler from vega. It is affordable and easy to use too and can easily available. It is just like a scissor hold and has a rubber curl pad. This can be easily carried along while travelling and it won't even take much space in the bag. personally i never thought i would even require an eyelash curler..but after using the eyelash curler for the first time there's no looking back .once i got the hang of it ,i simply loved it. I use it before applying a mascara it curls my lashes and makes my eyes look wider. Also after the mascara dries off i use the eyelash curler again ,it makes the curls more stiffer and curlier. It stays intact for a long time and it changes the whole eye makeup look at just once.this can be easily available ,you can get vega products in supermarkets too ,also online at much lesser rate

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