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2 years ago

Brightens softens the skin


Easily available

Reasonable priced

I personally do not believe in products which claims to be whitening it is just a marketing gimmick. I saw this Classic White Twin Whitening System at my cousin's place and she had quite a few in her wardrobe . She mentioned buying this soap online and that it comes in a pack not just one . It comes in a cardboard packaging which is white coloured. The soap too is white coloured and when i see it reminds me of dove soap. It lathers fine and as per instructions you need to use it twice a day one in morning and evening. Like a typical soap it does cleanse the body removes the dirt and all. It lathers pretty much decently too. Also it is easy to wash it off does not give that slippery feel . My cousin used this over month there has been reduction in blemishes and it does brighten the skin but not exactly lighten .but this is just temporary phase i mean the lightening part once you stop using the product the skintone is back to is easily available and affordable too. Also like typical soaps it does dry out the skin but keeps it Moisturized and soft

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