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Margo Neem Face Wash is formulated with pure neem extracts, which actively fight germs and purify skin deeply. It moisturizes skin and clears pimples and acne. The herbal formula protects skin from dryness and nourishes it gently.

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Herbal face wash Ramya approves this product
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I remember watching the advertisement for Margo neem soap during childhood days and have used it too. But now haven't seen it in the market that much.i saw this Margo Neem Face Wash with one of my friends and i did try it for couple of days .although i did search for with the intent of purchasing it for my mom but could not find it. The packaging is simple and sleek and comes in a green squeezable tube with a flip cap. The cap stays secure and no spillage nor leakage happens which makes it totally a travel friendly product. The face wash is a bit runny type consistency not too thick and green translucent in colour . It smells like neem although does not linger too much but goes away after some time. It lathers pretty much decently and also deep cleanses the face. It is gentle on the skin and doesn't cause any breakouts and removes mild makeup ,dirt , impurities and product buildup if makes the face squeeky clean and clearer too .however after using i noticed my skin becoming a bit too dry so i had to moisturize soon after using this. Apart from that it is a decent product

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