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1 year ago

Increases strength


Builds muscle

Increases strength

Accelerates damaged muscle recovery

Packed with premum quality calories

Helps build more mass

My cousin was using this Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer as he wanted to put on some weight .this product comes in three flavours vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. He had got the chocolate flavour . according to him the packaging needs to be little more proper ,it has got a poor packaging.the taste too is not so great it is too sweet . It needs to be consumed as per directions like you need to mix 1 to 2 scoops with cold water or skimmed milk either in a glass or you can either mix it using a shaker cup. The issue is with mixing the product ,it doesn't get diluted properly .You can either have it in between meals or before and after exercise which needs to be fulfilled along with drinking of 10 glasses of water. Not just that but proper diet and exercise needs to be followed. This is great for atheletes and those looking to gain weight and Bodybuilders. This mass gainer supplies the body with loads of calories so it is kind of fulfilling and appetizing and also a healthy dietary supplement. It is mainly consumed for proteins but to get the desired results one must follow the instructions along with exercise and diet

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