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Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula makes your skin super smooth. The light formula helps lock the moisture, absorbs instantly, and helps attain soft skin. It is available in a fragrance free format.

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I haven't used any oil on my body apart from the normal coconut oil. Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula was gifted to me by my cousin along with a couple of other things. The Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula comes in a transparent bottle packaging with a flip open cap. I love transparent packaging because it makes it easy to know how much is left .also the flip cap stays secure and I did not face any issues with leakage or spillage while traveling so it is totally travel-worthy. But the price when I checked is a bit expensive for a body oil. You can either use this oil after a shower when the skin is still moist, it acts just like a Moisturizer on the body. alternatively, you could add a few drops in the water that you use while bathing .it has this nice fragrance that stays for a while. The oil is totally lightweight on the skin and spreads nicely on the skin. It gets absorbed fast and doesn't feel greasy or sticky at helps keep skin nourished and moisturized to the right extent. I had used it during winters itself and it helped alot for my dry skin and it was totally worth it.

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