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2 years ago

Makes scalp clean


Nuts and lice can be a complete nuisance at times with causing incessant scratching and all. I have seen my neighbour cleaning her daughter's head mostly on Sunday and I guess it did not go off. I remember watching advertisement on television showing products which would help to totally eliminate the nuts and lice .luckily i never had and never faced an issue when it comes to using such products. Recently my neighbour mentioned about using Vcare Lice And Nits after watching an advertisement. I am not sure if you can find this in stores ,she purchased this online and did just exactly how it was directed. You need to apply the Vcare Lice And Nits oil and then cover the head with a towel or use a cap for atleast an hour. After that comb the hair and then wash it off with the Vcare Lice And Nits shampoo and then once again comb the hair. It did help in getting it out .also you get both the oil and shampoo in the box and my neighbour saw considerable reduction . The ingredients are natural too includes tea tree, neem, thulasi and not only eliminates nits but makes the scalp healthy and removes dirt from hair

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