Menarini Melalumin Under Eye Serum Reviews

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1 year ago

Needs regular usage


My neighbour was using this Menarini Melalumin Under Eye Serum to rid of the dark circles and fine claims that you can reduce the eye puffiness ,dark circles and fine lines after using this. The packaging is simple and comes in a cardboard box . It comes housed with the product which is a white bôttle and has a cap which stays secure .the bottle has this roll on facility which makes it easy to apply the serum on the affected areas. It is hygenic and totally a travel friendly product. My neighbour used this after cleansing her face during night time under the eye area. It feels quite soothing and calming when it is applied. She mentioned it gets absorbed quickly into the skin and leaves it moisturized and nourished. However after using this for a month she noticed only slight lightening of dark circles. However it takes time , patience and regular usage to show the desired results .overall she found it pretty much an okay product

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