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2 years ago

Just like a shampoo


I had noticed Meera Herbal Hair Wash Powder in the supermarket but though it would be bit messy so did not purchase it. But it was after a recommendation from a friend that i decided to give this a try. It comes in a bottle form and you need to mix it with water. The herbal hair wash powder contains shikkakai, tulasi, fenugreek, hibiscus, moong dal, rita,amla and few other herbs which are great for the hair.this is easily available and also pricewise this is affordable. This can be used by both men and women equally. One bottle for me lasted for two washes . I mixed the powder with water and you have mix it well. You need to apply this on scalp and wash it off after sometime. It works just like shampoo i meant the lathering part ,it does lather when you wash this .it is easy to rinse it off and has a string herbal fragrance to it goes off once it is completely washed off, it made the hair squeeky clean and also made the hair soft .as far as the controlling hair fall is concerned it did slightly reduce to some extent . I do use this once in a while

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