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Nyle Anti Hair Fall Shampoo is specially curated with the goodness of Badam, Amla, and Coconut Milk to reduce and prevent hair fall. This paraben-free shampoo has a gentle formula that suits all types of hair. The rich formula protects your hair from external damage, breakage, split ends by strengthening hair follicles from its roots to the tip. This pH balanced shampoo gives you stronger hair by enhancing hair texture. The essential ingredients fights germs causing scalp infections and fortifies hair. It does not contain any harsh chemicals and is ideal for both men and women. It also infuses hydration, improves stability, makes hair manageable, and healthy. The product nourishes hair shafts, cleanses it deeply, and repairs damaged hair and scalp cells.

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Nyle is a popular brand in India and its been a while ..i remember watching the advertisement on television long long back and I recently saw thi nyle brand shampoo available online so thought about giving it a try. The Nyle Anti Hair Fall Shampoo contains Badam, Amla, and Coconut Milk well it is not totally chemically free has chemicals at first i thought it did not but after going through the ingredients when i got this knew it had. It comes in plastic bottle packaging and no spillage or leakage so you can take it along while travelling is affordable in price and easily available too. All you need is very little shampoo and i love simply love the fragrance of the shampoo although it does not stay that long goes away soon after you rinse it off. It is easy to rinse and makes the hair squeeky clean .it lathers pretty much decently and Helps in deep cleansing the scalp and hair and helps remove all the dirt impurities and product buildup from the hair. My hair become softer and manageable and also gives lustrous stresses. Overall it is a decent product and luckily it did not result in excessive hair fall while using this shampoo so i am completely okay with this

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