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1 year ago



It's very rare that i visit the parlour for waxing session .a normal visit to the supermarket made me buy this Sleek Cold Wax. I saw this at the counter and thought about purchasing it . It need not be heated and you can use it just like that. It comes in a tub packaging and the wax is like a bit thick and i feel it is too sticky too. Due to the consistency it becomes really difficult to take it out . It becomes too messy when you take this out of the tub .i first cleaned my arms and let it dry and then applied a layer of was way too difficult to apply it due to its consistency.then need to place a strip of cloth and press firmly and pull the cloth strip in the opposite side of the hair growth and then wash off with plain water. I found using cold wax a bit painful and it wasn't able to remove all the hair

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