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12 months ago

Loved it


2-in-1 use


Looks natural

6 shades

Mac products are high quality products and until now they haven't disappointed me. Having used couple of them I decided to splurge on this MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter after reading positive review .these comes in various shades to choose from and What can I say about the packaging,I like the concept of this one form packaging. It is black looks elegant comes in a pen-type form and you need to twist it up,the product then comes on the top which has this brush type thing which makes application much more easier. This seems totally a beginner and travel-friendly product. You can either use this before applying foundation or after both ways works fine. I have tried using this on the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and under-eye areas .you can pay it and it gets easily blended. It brightens the area totally and also conceals the dark areas giving a nice sheer and highlighted look overall

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