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1 year ago

Slow in showing results


My cousin had acne prone skin although it was reduced due to treatment but it resulted in lot of dark spots and pigmentation marks too were there. She had tried umpteen number of products after watching advertisements claiming the products would help get rod of it . Eventually she decided to take help of a dermalogist who recommended using this Ducray Photoscreen Depigment. She purchased this from the pharmacist at the hospital itself although a bit expensive decided to give it a try. The packaging is good comes in a bottled form with a pump dispenser which helps out dispense the cream . You can take it while travelling too. She was using this for a month or so and was prescribed to use this twice a day and to only apply on the brown or dark spots. She mentioned it has a wierd yet strong fragrance but goes off after application and sometimes would literally give that burning feeling. However not much of change was there so she stopped after one bottle got over. Maybe it would take time to show results and you need to use this continuously

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