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1 year ago

Does not last long


My mom was having allergic reaction to hair dyes and she hated applying mehendi on her hair. So we have been trying the shampoo based hair dyes off late and Indica Easy Hair Color was one amongst them. It is easy to use and less time consuming too. This is easily available and also affordable at much reasonable rate. This is a shampoo based hair dye which takes less time than the normal hair colour and hair dyes you need to keep it for less time. you need to use gloves as it will stain your hands if you use bare hands for application. You need to take out the entire content into the gloves hands and mix it and apply on dry hair .you will need to massage for 3 minutes on the grey part of your hair till it gets covered fully. Also wait for ten minutes And then rinse it off. It gives nice shiny and black hair and covers the greys too. However i felt it did not last for a long time on my mom's hair

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