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1 year ago

Can be used multiple ways


Although I am not a big fan of jasmine oil I just got it after a friend's recommendation. The Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil is infused with not only jasmine oil But has almond oil, olive oil and wheat germ oil too but still has this fragrance of jasmine to it . The packaging is simple comes in a small bottle casing and has a dropper facility to it which makes it easier for using this oil. You can also take this along while travelling too. Well it can be used as a multi-purpose oil. You can try it's out in the vaporizer ,you can literally smell the jasmine aroma. Alternatively if you add few drops in the bathtub it would smell heavenly and ease out stress if any. Your entire bathroom would smell like Jasmine's. However you can't use this as a Moisturizer as it will be too greasy. This is easily available and is also priced decently

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