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1 year ago

Great product


My friend has been using this Richfeel Scalp Cleanser for quite sometime. It helps cleanse the scalp deeply and the hair and removes all the dirt, product buildup and the excess oil from the hair but not stripping of the natural Moisture content, well it is also good for treating dandruff issues . The packaging is quite sturdy and you can carry this along while travelling too as it won't leak nor spill. It has a very pleasant yet mild kind of a fragrance although it doesn't stay that long, I wish it stayed a bit longer though. The consistency is neither too thick nor thin. She uses this alongwith Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil . She massages this oil couple of hours before washing off the hair with shampoo or at times leaves the oil overnight too. After using both these products she has found quite a lot of changes in the hair texture ,not just that but hairfall has slightly reduced and so has the dandruff

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