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1 year ago

Reduces dandruff but dries out the hair


My cousin was suffering from itchy scalp, dandruff and excessive hair fall. When a regular visit to the dermatologist to discuss skin related issues she mentioned about this too and that's when she prescribed this Cipla Sebowash Shampoo. The packaging is simple comes in a white plastic bottle with a purple flip cap. The cap stays very much secure and is sturdy enough so it's not going to leak or spill. You can carry it around while travelling too,although my cousin was told to use this just twice a week, the shampoo is like runny in consistency and it is opaque white in colour. It is mild in fragrance and has that flowery fragrance to it which does not last long that long.itbdi My cousin used this for a month or so and it did kind of reduced dandruff and hairfall but it would dry out the hair so using a conditioner was a must after applying this Shampoo.

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