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Colgate Plax Complete Care Mouthwash is an ideal dental care product that offers you fresh breath and clean mouth. The mouthwash gives you a complete protection by killing 99% of the germs causing teeth and gum problems. This product does cause any burning sensation or taste as it is free from alcohol. Your mouth is 10x times more cleaner and healthier than regular brushing, as the liquid formula reaches every corner of your mouth where your brush could not even reach. This product not only freshens your breath but also forms a protective layer over enamel, prevent tooth decay, prevent buildup of plague, and protects gums. You could experience a cooling sensation while you gargle the mouthwash. This product comes in different variants with special ingredients and unique taste for you to choose the one you prefer. The leakage-free packaging comes in 2 sizes for your convenience.

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I have been using Colgate Plax Complete Care Mouthwash on and off and I can vouch for this product. The dentist recommended to use a mouthwash regularly twice a day. Although you will find other mouth washes in the market ,this i found is more gentle. This is easily available be it normal shops, supermarket or even online and is very much available at a decent price. What more you get this in different variants too. The packaging is simple and comes in a plastic bottle casing .it is easy to carry around ,it won't leak nor it will spill. Best part it does not have contain alcohol and it will not give that burning feeling when you try to gargle and you can keep doing it for a while unlike the other brand product. I use this twice a day and noticed the mouth freshness stayed whole day long. Overall I like this as it is more on the gentle side

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