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2 years ago

Love the sandalwood smell


I personally love the fragrance of sandalwood and if I ever find a product which has sandalwood element in it,I would definitely purchase it.i got this Ozone Ayurvedics Sandal Face Wash mainly because of the sandalwood element in it apart from that it has aloe vera and cucumber. The packaging is simple comes in a squeezable tube with a flip cap. The texture seems quite funny and is yellow in colour yet transclucent.the cap stays still and you can carry it along while travelling too.due to this runny consistency it is easier to work on,however it does not lather much and has this distinct smell of sandalwood to it which some people might find a bit strong but I loved it.the fragrance doesn't stay much though and gives a nice squeeky clean look later.it is easy to rinse it off and cleanses the skin deeply .although it does not dry out the skin I still do moisturize the skin soon after.its definitely a must have facewash

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