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Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm Strawberry And Honey is is a moisturzing lip balm made with natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients are all derieved from non-animal sources. It moisturizes your lips and nourishes them. It makes your lips soft and supple. It has a sweet fragrance of strawberry.

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I like to hoard lip balms the normal ones as well as the tinted ones.The Vaadi Herbals Lip Balm is affordable and I love the packaging. It comes in a tiny jar shaped and is so easy to hold on in your palms too. You can easily carry it around while travelling and it won't even take much space in your bag. The Strawberry Lip Balm contains strawberry extract, Vit-E, Honey and Almond Oil. .it looks like thick waxy consistency and is red in colour and has that amazing fragrance to it. I apply this at night too and morning my lips feel alot moisturized and hydrated. It gives a nice smooth base to the lips so that you can apply lipsticks easily and won't dry it out.if you are looking for an affordable lip balm you can give this a try although not tinted one

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