Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette Reviews

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1 year ago



My friend loves applying eye shadow and she has gorgeous eyes which look more beautiful with any eye makeup. She shared her experience using the Bobbi brown eye shadow. She mentioned that the packaging of the product is compact and sleek. It comes in a small case with a flip top which shuts tightly making the product travel friendly. She loved the texture of the eye shadow, it is extremely soft and silky and is highly pigmented making the eyes look gorgeous. She could apply the eye shadow in just one stroke with her brush. She even found the eye shadow easily blending with any other products which made it worthy. She found the colour little dull hence she would blend it with some shimmery shades to make her eyes stand out. She used the shadow on the upper and lower lids and it looked brilliant on wearing. She mentioned that the eye shadow did not leave any weird lines or did not look messy after wearing it for a good 8 hours. She was very impressed with the eye shadow.

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