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2 years ago



Looks great

Matte Finish

This is an average eyeliner. I bought this reading some nice reviews and I am not that satisfied with the product. It comes in a tube with a brush which is very nice and enables defining the eyeliner very easily. The pigmentation is amazing and they have various bold shades like orange too which I was a little skeptical to try. What I did not like it the texture, found it very watery and hence it took sometime to dry up. I generally prefer liners which dry up quick as I apply it on the go and hence cannot wait too long. However after drying it gave a nice matte finish. It is not 100% smudge proof so to say. So if you are in the habit of rubbing your eyes please do not apply. It smudges easily and I had to do a touch up again after around 4 hrs.

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