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Godrej Nupur Henna is a 100% natural hair color and hair conditioner. Nupur Henna is made from the choicest of henna leaves that are handpicked from Rajasthan, for its unmatched shade and quality. This product does not only contain 100% pure Henna; it is a potent mix of Henna along with 9 powerful herbs like Amla, Jatamanasi, Neem, Brahmi, etc. that boost hair health, shine, and strength.

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100% Pure Henna

Mix of 9 potent herbs

Highest quality leaves

Rich shade

No side-effects

Conditions hair

Promotes hair health

Covers grays


Henna has been used since ages to improve the hair quality. It has amazing benefits on the hair. It boosts hair growth, it reduces hairfall to a great extent, it conditions your hair, it prevents dandruff, controls scalp itchiness, acts as a natural hair dye and much more. My mother uses the Godrej Nupur Henna which uses the finest quality of Rajasthani henna. They claim rhe ingredients to contain 9 special herbs essential for making the hair healthier. It contains methi, aloe vera, brahmi, bhringraj, shikakai, neem and amla, jatamansi and hibiscus. All these ingredients are known to nourish the hair, rejuvenate it's health, accelerate hair growth and improve the texture of the hair. It comes packaged in a simple green colour package. The smell of the powder is weird and not appealing at all however what matters is what it does to the hair. My mother soaks the powder in water for 2-3 hours. Post that she breaks an egg into it and also adds curd. Then she applies the paste with the help if a brush equally distributing the mixture on the entire length of the hair. She left it on the hair for a good 3 hours. She found washing it off difficult as the paste was all stuck to the hair. She had to wash it off with water a couple if times running her fingers through the hair to remove the paste. My mom loved the effects of the henna. She found her hair feeling soft and smooth after the wash. She did not like the odor it leaves on the hair. It gave her hair more volume and even prevented the hair loss. Surely recommend this product.

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