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Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum helps improve visible signs of aging. Using this serum twice every day will repair the skin, improve its tone and texture, and reduce fine lines. This serum is made with skin-repairing ingredients like peptides, natural collagen-boosting ingredients, patented enzymes, and brightening botanicals.

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Personalized skin repair

I always keep looking out for products which make my skin look more clearer, feel softer and also reduce the pores visibly. Toners I believe are important in the sense that they give a better texture, make the skin more firmer and also make the pores appear smaller. I came across the Clinique custom repair serum and decided to try it. It is very expensive for a 30 ml bottle but I decided to still buy it. It comes packaged in a neat silver colour box with the actual bottle within. The bottle is a mice glossy silver coloured with a pump mechanism to disperse the product and a transparent cap in it. I honestly like the pump mechanism as you do not end up wasting too much of the product and also it feels more hygienic to use it . The lady at the counter mentioned that it has an intelligent technology to sense your skin issue and act on it. This sounded interesting and I was all excited to use it. It comes out in white colour thick format. It is not runny but quite thick. I generally wash my face at night and apply it all over the face so that it can work all night on my skin. The serum did not have any odor at all. The consistency and texture of the serum is nice and smooth and blends well into the skin. It does not feel sticky in the skin. I used this for almost a month and did find my skin feeling more soft. Rest the serum did nothing. All the intelligent technology and sensing your skin issues is a hype. I still was not disappointed with the fact that I could see some visible changes on my skin but they were not major changes. Average product.

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