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2 years ago

Lovely Product


Has healing properties

Prevents odors

Prevents rashes, chafing, and itching

Controls sweat

Mild fragrance


I have alot of abrasions on the inner thighs during the summers when I sweat alot. Plus due to excessive sweating I get some weird redness on the inner thighs too. No matter how much I try to keep the area dry and clean it with a little of perspiration and heat it crops up. This problem aggravated so much to the extent that I was in alot of pain and had to visit a Doctor. The doctor advised me to use some ointment and suggested me to use the Clean dry powder. I was not sure whether a powder could be helpful in getting out of this painful condition. I purchased it from a medical store. The price of the product is very economical. The powder is packaged in a white colour bottle and has a pink cap. There are small perforations on the top to enable dispensing the powder. The bottle is light weight. The packaging was not upto the mark as the powder kept falling off the minute the cap was removed. I applied this on the infected area at night after washing the area gently. I thought it would work through the night and yield better results. In the morning when I woke up I was amazed, the abrasions had come down considerably and I was not in pain too. This was so magical that I called the doctor and thanked her for suggesting this powder. It is a miracle powder for me. It is very effective on fighting fungal infections too. It can be used for any vaginal fungus too. However it may not be advisable to use anything in the vaginal region before consulting a doctor. I would surely recommend this product.

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