Corioliss 3 In 1 Digital Heated Hot Brush Reviews

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1 year ago

Nice Product


Straightens and detangles hair

Easy to use

Heat-protective bristles

Can be used to apply hair oil

Quick results

Adds shine


Gives a ‘naturally straight’ effect

Tames frizz

Due to excessive traveling and exposure to dust and pollution, I found my hair feeling very rough. It had become very unmanageable and deshaped. I decided to act on it and make it look nice and straight. My friend told me about the Hot air brush and I decided to try it. It comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with the product inside and a user manual too. The brush comes in a jet black colour. It comes with a power cod. It is light weight in nature hence making it travel friendly. The bristles are nice and big and look strong. They have an orange colour tip. This tip helps in massaging the scalp. It has a power button on one side and on the other side it has the option to increase or decrease the temperature. It has a temperature display which is digital. It has a one hour automatic shut down technology which makes it very safe to use without bothering about the amount of time it was on. On heating I could feel the bristles getting very hot but the handle was not affected. It is easy to straighten large sections of the hair together without bothering and wasting time. It took me barely 10 minutes to straighten my entire hair as my hair is short. The bristles on the scalp feel as it they are massaging the scalp. It makes the hair super straight and gorgeous after use. I was amazed with the results. The hair stays intact till you wet it. It helped reducing the tangles in my hair and surely made it more manageable. I will surely use this product again. Would surely recommend this product.

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