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Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon will help you master the perfect brow in just a sweep. This creamy brow pomade sculpts and tames bushy eyebrows into a refined shape while also coloring them at the same time. Work in small strokes along the brow contour to achieve the desired result and well-shaped brows. This easy-to-use, creamy brow pomade is available in 4 shades to match different brow shades.

rinku Review

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Creamy consistency

Easy to use

Sculpts and tames brows

Natural finish


Blends well


Intense pigmentation

This is one of my favorite products. I do not have very thick eyebrows hence always feel the need to define them with some pencil. The pencil never made them look good and I felt I could not do a good job making them look dark and intense. This in a crayon format is surely very innovative. The crayon is very creamy and defines the eyebrow just in one quick swipe. I must claim I did practice a couple of times before I could get the perfect look with it. I kept drawing small contours along the brow to achieve the perfect look. The crayon is retractable which makes it easy to use and enables easy application and prevents wastage too caused from sharpening. The tip of the crayon is very thick, wish it was more thinner. It stays on for a good number of hours however when it gets wet is does get a little messy.

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