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2 years ago




Contains potent herbal ingredients

Makes your skin glow

Purifies skin


I generally do not use soaps on a regular basis but yes when I am traveling I prefer to carry soap than carrying a big bottle of the body shower. I purchased the Ayur soap as I believe it had some natural ingredients which I thought would be safe for my skin. It comes packaged in a nice small rectangular cardboard box with the soap wrapped in a plastic cover. It is quite economical as compared to the other soaps available. It claims to have Haldi or Turmeric. Haldi definitely attract me as it is know for helping with the acne scarring. Haldi has anti inflammatory qualities that cure and calm your skin to a great extent. It reduces scarring to a great extent. It prevents further acne breakouts too. The soap is yellowish in colour and honestly I did not like the fragrance of the soap. I used it on a wet body but it took alot of time to lather. It was easy to remove the so called lather which was formed. I was not impressed on the face wash itself. The odor of the soap did not even stay on my skin for a few seconds which made me wonder whether actually does this soap work at all. I found my skin feeling stretched and dry after using this skin. It was a must for me to apply a moisturizer after a wash till I used this soap. I used this soap for almost two weeks bit did not see any reduction in the acne marks or the pores looking less prominent. For me this is just an ordinary soap which does not do anything but help you wash your body. It I doubt even contains Haldi at all. Poor product.

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