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Khadi Natural Handmade Soap provides you with the goodness of nature and changes your bathing experience forever. These handmade soaps are made with specially chosen ingredients like aloe vera, chandan haldi, neem tulsi, and saffron. These ingredients have potent antiseptic, antibacterial, and soothing properties that benefit your skin in many ways. These soaps have a mild fragrance and are made with glycerin that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. They come in 12 variants to choose from.

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Herbal formula

Free of chemicals

Healing properties

Makes skin soft and supple


Nourishes and moisturizes skin

Suitable for all skin types

Soaps are good when it comes to carrying around while traveling. I use more of Body washes but they may not be easy to carry around while travelling. Soaps are portable and effectively clean the body. I like natural soaps and hence I opted for Khadi handmade soaps. They are pretty cost effective and contain natural ingredients which attracted me. They come packaged in a small plastic wrapper and that is further cased in a cardboard box. I used the Geranium soap . It is a nice soap which has a lovely fragrance. It is a glycerine based soap hence it looks translucent. It lathers really well on the body and can be washed off easily. It leaves a nice and refreshing scent on the body which lingers on all day. The soap did not dry my skin or make my skin feel stretched. It effectively removed all the dirt, impurities and bad odor effectively and made the wash very satisfactory. I however avoided on the face. I moisturize my skin after the bath hence the skin felt really nice and refreshed after the bath. One day I accidentally forgot to apply the moisturizer after bathing with the soap. I still did not find my skin feeling dry as it contains Glycerine which kept my skin hydrated. Hence this soap maybe ideal to use in winters for that extra moisturization. The soap did not melt or get soggy inspite of being used multiple times. This is great as most of the soaps I have used easily melt after a few washes. I would say these soaps are ideal for people with a sensitive skin as they did not cause me any allergies or irritation after use. Would surely recommend this product.

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