NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper Reviews

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2 years ago

Nice One


Reduces shine

Absorbs oil

Matte finish


Easy to use

This is definitely a value based product. I was happy using them. I have a combination skin and since I perspire alot, my skin feels sticky and sweaty full of dirt during summers specially. I always have this with me in my purse. It comes in a small travel friendly packaging. It helps remove excess oil and dirt from the face very effectively. The scent is mild and pleasant. I earlier had an experience of a powdery feel on my face using some blotting papers but this one did not do that hence I was happy using it. Removing it from the package is a task though as it feels the paper might tear off. I repeat the usage after 4-5 hours to remove the excess oil or dirt when I am on the go. I dab this paper gently on the face to avoid removing off my makeup or rubbing hard against my skin. It does a great job removing the excess oil and dirt and not your actual makeup. The skin feels fresh after use. Surely would recommend this one.

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