MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.8


2 years ago

Great Brush


Picks the right amount of product

Fluffy bristles

It is a great brush which gives an amazing look to your face in just one swipe. It is suitable for all foundations and powders and creams too however I use it only for foundations and powders. I use it just for that slight blush on my cheeks. Earlier the brushes I have tried pick up too much which actually made me look like a clown. However this brush just picks up the right quantity. It gives an amazing coverage on the cheeks. The bristles are nice and strong and do not break off easily. It is easy to clean the brush without any hassles. I generally wash it with some conditioner. It is not very fluffy and has just the right thickness. The price is very steep but it is definitely a great investment as it lasts for a great number of years. I would surely recommend this too someone who values quality more than the cost.

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