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2 years ago

Nice Product


Prevents feathering

Creamy texture

Non-waxy consistency

Easy to blend and contour

Smooth application

Excellent color payoff



Lip liners are definitely important to outline the lips well before filling them with a lipstick. I never paid more heed to lip liners but accidentally during a wedding the beautician insisted I apply the lip liner before applying the lipstick and the results were amazing. My lips looked more defined and beautiful and I received alot of compliments. My friend always vouched for the Revlon products and she has been using the Revlon Lip liner since long. She shared positive reviews which coaxed me to buy the liner. The lip liner comes in a regular size in pencil format. It is a retractable pencil which I admire as I hate wastage of the product. The interesting thing is that there is still an inbuilt sharpener provided with the liner hence one can define how precise they want the application to be. I generally do my lip makeup right at the end after my facial makeup. This liner is very smooth in texture and glides on easily onto the lips like butter. It feels light on the lips and does not feel patchy. It is very delicate hence one needs to be careful while using it as it has a tendency to break off. It hydrates the lips really well and blends well with all lip shades. It makes the lipstick last long as in some way acts as a primer for the lipsticks. The longevity is great and lasted on my lips for a good 4-6 hours without looking messy or cluttered. It has a soft fragrance to it which is nice. It is worth the cost. It is suitable for people with a sensitive skin. I would surely recommend this product.

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