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1 year ago

Good Product


100% natural ingredients

Nourishes hair

Strengthens hair

Adds volume and bounce

Stimulates hair growth


Convenient packaging

I had a lot of hairball issues due to extensive travel and exposure to the sun. My hair actually felt dull and terrible in texture. My friend suggested me to use the Kaytra Hair Pack. I brought this online and it comes packaged in a huge box which has 2 sachets with the powder, a measuring spoon and the literature on how to use the product which is available in different languages. The powder needs to be removed in a bowl based on the length of your hair and one needs to mix water to it. Less water should be added to keep the consistency thick and not runny. Apply the mixture from the center of the hair moving outwards till the end of the hair. This product actually works on the split ends and conditions your hair. I was told by my friend that one can even add curd or egg to this mixture obviously not making the consistency very runny and then applying to the hair. I however did not want to mix anything to it to see the real results. I have never had a good experience with egg as it gives me more hairfall. The mixture needs to be kept on for atleast 30 minutes to an hour. Post that I shampooed my hair. I was amazed to see the texture of my hair after it dried. It looked shiny and bouncy and felt extremely soft. I also found my hair entangling lesser. I did not like the odor of the mixture , it was very displeasing. I did not actually condition my hair still my hair felt lovely. I would surely recommend this product to all.

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