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2 years ago

Great Product


Fights dryness

Protects hair from wear and tear

Moisturizes and nourishes hair

Gentle formula

Helps fight hairfall

Prevents breakage


A good shampoo is so essential in today's times where are hair and skin is exposed to bad environmental conditions. Extreme UV rays, pollution, dust can all ruin the texture of your hair to a great degree. I due to immense work travel found my hair feeling very dull, dry and damaged. I was experiencing heavy hairfall. Then my friend prompted me to try the Dove Dryness care shampoo. It claims to have nutritive serum which is supposed to hydrate your hair well. I immediately purchased the shampoo online. It comes packaged in a white color bottle like all Dove products do. It has a large perforation on the top of the bottle which helps dispense the shampoo. I wet my hair and then use a generous amount of the shampoo on it. The odor of the shampoo is nice and soft and not too overpowering. It lathered really well on my hair . After washing my hair , I could find my hair not entangling as much as it generally did. I normally have to apply a hair serum to release the hair knots and entanglements but this shampoo helped me skip that process. I found my hair feeling extremely clean and free of all impurities and dust particles. The hair felt more soft and bouncy too. I used this extensively for 3 weeks and I must say this shampoo is really good. It hydrated my hair to a great extent. It reduced my hairfall and dandruff too. I did not feel the need to apply a moisturizer at all as the shampoo does a dual job. The scalp never reacted to the shampoo causing me any itchiness hence this is safe for all to use. Surely recommend this product.

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