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2 years ago

Good Product


Does not irritate eyes




Long staying power

Easy to apply and remove

Safe for contact lens users

Lightweight formula

Does not dry up

Well mascaras are a great way to make your eyes look more defined and beautiful. I never paid more heed to mascaras but on one occasion when the beautician used it on my eyes I loved it and from then on I continued wearing it. I always love Mac products but find them exorbitantly priced. The Mac mascara is intelligently packaged and I found it very interesting. It has two parts to it. The top part has a pink cap and a purple inner tube. You can open up the pink for defining the lashes and the purple one can be opened up to give the lashes a more dramatic look. I honestly found this a little complicated at the start when I had to use the mascara. The wand is nice and strong and is pretty long to be able to hold it effectively. The bristles of the applicator seem strong and thick enabling a superb look. It gives a nice curl to the eyelashes and does not feel heavy on the eyelashes. I initially did good up and made a mess of the lashes as the brush picks up a large amount hence I would recommend taking only a small amount on the brush before application. Too much of the mascara will create clumping and make the lashes look messed up. The mascara stays on for a long time, as good as 5-6 hours on my eyes without any smudging. This was surely impressive. On the flip side for someone like me who has extremely scanty eyelashes this product made them look more scantier with the extreme defined look hence I did not like using it. The second put off was that I had to be very careful whilst application or else it would look messy.

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