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Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo is co-created by scalp expert Dr. Francesca Fusco. It is enriched with soya vitamin complex that strengthens hair and prevents hair fall. It deeply nourishes and conditions hair from root to tip. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo reduces hair loss by up to 10 times and claims to give superb results in a week. This smoothening shampoo is suitable for normal and curly hair types. For best results, follow up with Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Conditioner. The shelf life of this shampoo is 3 years.

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Suitable for daily use

Doesn’t dry hair

Imparts natural shine

A little goes a long way

Softens hair

I have always been struggling to find the perfect shampoo for my hair. Hair breakage can be very disheartening. Due to excessive travelling over a period of time my hair has become very weak and have been facing alot of hairfall issues. I have tried all possible means to treat the hair but nothing worked. I thought I must try some product which will reduce the hairfall and strengthen my hair. I read reviews on the Sunsilk Hairfall solution shampoo and decided to buy it. The price is economical hence I decided to try it. It comes packaged in a Golden bottle which looks attractive. It supposedly contains soya vitamins which are supposed to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. The bottle is light and easy to carry around hence making it travel friendly. I generally wet my hair before the application of the shampoo. On opening the bottle I did not find the fragrance strong. In fact I felt as if there was very little fragrance to the shampoo. I removed a small portion on the palm. It did not lather well at all. I had to take more of it to make my scalp feel I have used some shampoo. It was easy to wash it off. After the wash the hair felt clean but I could not smell anything on my hair. I found my hair less entangled than any other shampoo which was great. The hair felt nice and shiny and soft too. Now was the main test to see if the hairfall reduced. I used it for more than 4 weeks and the hairfall reduced marginally. I would say it is an average product. I may not buy it again though.

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