Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura Reviews

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2 years ago



Easy to apply



Quickly absorbed

Spill proof tube packaging

I hate smelling unpleasant and summers makes it very challenging to keep smelling great at all times. I perspire a lot and need to travel a lot due to work hence I am always on the lookout for a product which is easy to carry. I do not like carrying huge perfume bottles with me in my bag. I had some friends who gifted me the Cinthol Deo stick . I was really excited to use it as I have never worn roll on perfumes. This stick comes packaged in an inverted V shape and has a plastic cap. It is a white color tube. There is a small perforation which makes it easy to dispense the product. It is surely travel friendly. I was shocked to learn that it was not a roll on deodorant but a cream based one. I did not like the fragrance of the deo, I found it very floral and I am not into floral fragrances. It was way too sweet for me. Although it had a creamy texture it blended well with my skin. It did not stain the clothes. On the flip side, It did not last me even 2 hours. I had to keep reapplying it. Secondly when I was out in the sun and perspired a lot I did feel some itchiness in the underarms. I immediately stopped using the roll on. I did not like the creamy texture too as during summers it was weird to apply some creamy texture product to an already sweaty oily skin. I feel this product may not be suitable for someone with a sensitive skin like mine as it did cause me some irritation in the sun. Please refrain from using this product.

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