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Emami Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo beats heat and humidity through its cooling effect. This Cool Talc prevents sweat and body odor and keeps you fresh all day long. It provides cooling relief from heat, rashes, and burning sensation instantly. The Thanda Thanda Cool Talc is enriched with goodness of cool herbal aroma therapy. This revolutionary formula relaxes your mind and refreshes your body. While mint soothes the skin and removes blemishes, camphor provides relief from pain and itching. For best results, sprinkle Navratna Cool Talc Active Deo all over your body after a shower.

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During the summers I develop alot of prickly heat. Since I perspire alot, I always prefer to use some product which will cool off my body during the hot summer times. As if the sweat glands are overloaded then it leads to the creation of prickly heat rash. I already had a prickly heat Powder which I always use after a bath during the summers. I saw Sharukh Khan promoting this talcum and hence thought it might be a good product. I purchased the Navratna Cool Talc active deo. It is pretty economical and is easily available at all chemist stores and department stores. It comes packaged in a white plastic bottle with the image of Sharukh Khan on it and has a green colour at the top. The product can be dispersed with the help of a sprinkler at the top. The sprinkler can be twisted clockwise to be able to dispense the talcum powder. It is light weight and can be easily carried around. I take my bath and immediately I applied the prickly heat Powder over the infected areas and then applied the Navratna powder over my body. The odor of the talcum is way to strong and I did not quite like it. It claims to give a very cooling effect on the body hence my expectations were way too high. I did not find the powder Cooling at all. It does feel cooling for sometime and then it fades off. I did feel a little itchy after using this powder not sure if it is because of this powder. I do not think this gave the performance it was supposed to give during a hot summer day. Poor product.

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