Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen Reviews

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2 years ago

Great Product


Tapered brush applicator


100% fragrance-free


Suits sensitive eyes

No reapplication needed

Not flaky

Decent staying power

Quick drying formula

Eyeliners constitute an important part of my makeup . I love defining my eyes and making them look defined and bold. I came across the Clinique liquid eyelining pen. It is quite expensive but I love Clinique products hence brought it. It comes very simply packaged . The liner is a black pen like form with a felt tip. The tip is very strong and looked promising. I do the eyemakeup once I complete all the facial makeup. The liner glides onto the skin easily enabling a thick or thin line based on one's preference. I generally like applying a thick line which I could do with ease. The colour of the liner is a jet black which I adore. The liner dries up quickly after application which is great as I am always in a rush in the mornings whilst doing the makeup. The longevity of the liner is great and stayed on my eyes for as good as 5-6 hours. It did not smudge or look messy at all. The liner is odor free hence I like it alot. It is supposed to be chemical free too. The liner did not get messed up on washing my face hence I can say it is waterproof and transfer proof. It does not irritate the contact lenses at all. Overall I felt it was a good liner but I felt the quantity of the liner was very little for the price. The liner did not last me more than a month. On the flip side it was difficult to remove this liner even with an eye makeup remover. I found small portions of the liner on the eyes . Overall a good liner with a great performance. Would surely recommend this product.

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