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1 year ago



I ensure to take the utmost care of my skin as it is acne-prone and sensitive in nature. I had alot of dead skin on my face and due to a busy work schedule, it becomes difficult for me to visit the parlor. I had read about the Innisfree Wine Peeling jelly softener and decided to buy it. This jelly softener is a great way to exfoliate the skin. It comes packaged in a sturdy bottle with a double cap which prevents leakage hence making it travel-friendly. I wash my face and then take a small amount of the jelly on the palm of my hand. It has a liquid-like texture and feels watery. I gently massage the product on the entire face by massaging it . It feels like weight and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It has an extremely pleasant fragrance of the ingredients which is wine and grape seed extract. It gently peels off all the dead skin from the face in a mild manner. My skin felt extremely soft and Moisturized after using this jelly.

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