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1 year ago



My colleague's husband was going through low semen production and also short live erection concern. They were advised to try the Patanjali Ashvashila capsules. She immediately purchased this from a local chemist. The medicine comes packaged in a an outer cardboard box with the medicine strip of 20 tablets within. Her husband was advised to take one tablet daily with water post meals. He religiously took this medicine for one month. He was amazed to see the results. He saw a great improvement in the premature ejaculation as he could now hold onto the ejaculation for long. There was an improvement in the erectile function and his performance had improved. He felt more energetic and the medicine to a great extent reduced his stress levels which helped him to perform better during and intercourse. On the flip side he saw that the medicine also led to a weight gain. He would surely recommend the product as keeping aside the small side effects it helped him regain his overall confidence and boosted his morale.

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