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Medimix Ayurvedic 18 Herb Soap is a traditional handmade soap with a unique formulation of 18 herbs. Its natural ingredients act gently yet effectively on skin concerns such as acne, body odor, boils, and infection. It also helps in making the skin smooth and soft and is safe enough for a baby's skin. The soap's base is made from coconut oil, natural oils, perfume, and approved color. It has a fresh herbal fragrance.

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Medimix soap is a very old legendary name when it comes to a hand made soap loaded with the ayurveda goodness. My grandparents and mother too has always loved and admires this soap. This soap use to be the best option to bathe with in earlier times. The soap is hand made and has 18 herbs that gently treats all skin disorders. The soap is vegan in nature. I generally wet my skin and gently massage the soap all over the body. I do not find it lathering easily. It takes alot of rubbing and massaging before the soap lathers. It gets easily washed off and leaves the skin super clean. The soap has a nice refreshing odor since it comprises of neem and some nice herbs. The soap does melt off easily hence making it messy to use it after a couple of days. Due to it's medicinal formula the soap effectively treats boils, redness on skin or any itchiness. It has a bacterial fighting qualities.

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