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1 year ago

Not good


My friend shared her review of using the La Girl Hd pro setting powder. She wanted to buy a powder which would help her mattify her skin and set the foundation she applied. She also wanted some powder to effectively conceal all the imperfections on the face and make it look even and flawless. This powder comes packaged in a small circular case with some perforations on the top and a sponge applicator. She found the packaging average on the looks of it. The powder is 100% silica hence this gives a slightly better finish than a regular powder. She used this on her face after applying the foundation. The texture was smooth but the sponge applicator was poor in quality. Unfortunately my friend hated what she saw. The powder did not get absorbed into the skin and sat right on top of her skin making her look weird. She used a soft brush to gently pat the product on her face but the powder did not look nice on her skin.

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