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2 years ago

Great gel


Aloe vera is a wonder plant and is definitely very beneficial to the skin . I love using products which are made of natural ingredients and hence I opted for the Auravedic pure Aloe Vera gel. This comes packaged in a small plastic jar with a transparent cap. It is travel friendly for sure as it is light weight and does not comprise of glass. The gel contains aloe vera and green tea and pomegranate. All the ingredients are great to have a healthy, acne free and tighter skin. I apply the gel on my face after washing my face. The texture is gel like and light weight on the face and it gets quickly absorbed into the skin. I found my skin feeling extremely soft , hydrated and supple after using this gel daily. It added a nice shine and life to my face. The odor of the gel is brilliant and has a citrusy odor which I adored. It did not leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy. It is suitable for people with a sensitive skin too.

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